Hi, I’m Kira Leigh, a marketer, small business owner, writer, and tech creative who loves games and anime.

I realized that, over the course of building up my business and marketing niche, I didn’t have a place to put the silly stuff.

The stuff about music, about television, about entertainment, random politics, opinions, gaming, anime, or otherwise.

I found a lot of my Startup, Marketing, and Business buddies also don’t have a space for writing about their own interests and hobbies, either.

VOICES was created so that Cool Bros could have a place to write about things that didn’t belong anywhere else.

It was also created so that my business buddies could give themselves a bit of linkjuice by 301 redirecting to their own stuff.

I wanted to make it super simple for people to have a place to put their writing on the internet, and give themselves a bit of clout, without that much of a headache.

What I hope we can do with this:

I hope VOICES can be used as a space for the stuff you can’t put elsewhere.

I hope it can be used as a place to build up a little steam for people, and also as a cathartic outlet for what they want to write about it.

The only thing that I ask of you, when you signup and post work, is for you to be aware that this is run by a real person.

If you just want to siphon cred to your own Startups, that’s cool, but please don’t spam.

I monitor the site pretty closely and if I see some shady stuff going on, I will delete your work and drag you through the Court of Social Media.

Let’s keep this easy, let’s be chill about it, have fun, and write!